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PSA: Social Media and You

    We need to talk about something very important and serious. We need to talk about getting your business on social media platforms. It’s almost a requirement for any business to have some kind of social media presence. I hedge this statement with “almost” because there are certainly a few odd businesses out there that are doing fine without. For most of us, however, it’s a requirement. Social media platforms aren’t… Read More »PSA: Social Media and You

    Incorporate Accessibility into Your Content Marketing

      Website accessibility is fast becoming a priority for businesses in 2019 and 2020. On a certain level, it’s trendy. Because this is getting attention, companies are becoming more aware of the value in being inclusive. There is a renewed drive to be more accessible, to make products that are accessible, and to hire disabled. Integrating basic accessibility techniques into a website improves the user experience for everyone. Not just the… Read More »Incorporate Accessibility into Your Content Marketing

      Getting to the top on Google search

        Getting the top ranking on Google is every company’s marketing goal. Reaching not only the first page, but also, the top three results in Google search engine is like hitting the jackpot. When you’re in the top three, you get all the perks. More organic traffic. More SERP clicks. More qualified leads. All this and more is yours. The data supports this Studies show that 70.6% of all traffic online… Read More »Getting to the top on Google search

        Content Marketing Trends in 2020

          Digital advertising and content marketing are continually evolving and changing. It’s important for businesses to keep an eye out and look for practical ways to integrate the new techniques and tools into their existing content marketing strategy. If you implement one and your closest competitor doesn’t, you gain an edge over them. Six (and a bonus) Content Marketing Tactics and Tools Tailored Content While this isn’t exactly new, new advances… Read More »Content Marketing Trends in 2020

          4 Actionable Tips to Boost Your Site’s Organic Traffic

            Like everything in life, first impressions matter. Search engine results included. The higher your site is on a search engine result, and the more polished it seems, the more likely web users are to choose it over a competitor. These tasks are what I call maintenance duties that will help your website perform better on search engines. The good news is they’re backend website-related tasks that you need to do… Read More »4 Actionable Tips to Boost Your Site’s Organic Traffic

            5 Myths about Copywriters that Need to Die

              A few myths about what copywriters do get passed around by well-meaning business owners and other people. When you are ready to hire your first copywriter, it’ll be helpful to understand what they can or can’t do for you. A quick aside: in the digital marketing industry, there are several different types of writers. Content writer, creative writer, SEO writer, copywriter, website writer, email writer, social media writer…truth be told,… Read More »5 Myths about Copywriters that Need to Die

              Are You Prioritizing Content?

                When it comes to online marketing, content is king. There’s no question about it. All the big guys know it. According to Technavio, content creation is one of, if not The driving forces behind online marketing. The industry is forecasted to be valued at half a trillion dollar by 2021. Whether you’re a one-man business or run a team of crackshot staff, you will benefit from adding content to your… Read More »Are You Prioritizing Content?

                5 Types of Business Content Marketing You Need

                  Content creation is tough. Making great content that not only retains your audience, but also moves them along the marketing funnel to conversion is challenging. Your audience wants quality. They want to find value in your content. And if they don’t, they’ll ditch you for someone else who delivers. Making quality content on a consistent basis is a challenge for many businesses, regardless of whether it’s B2C or B2B. The… Read More »5 Types of Business Content Marketing You Need

                  Incorporate Storytelling for Killer Content Marketing

                    Which is a more interesting form of website content? “We help businesses with their accounting.” “We helped 1,275 businesses generate 20% more profit using a tactic that our founder learned while running another business.” Storytelling is a critical component in any marketing strategy, whether it’s for B2B, B2C, or eCommerce. Here’s why: A B2B is run by people. As cheesy as it sounds, they have hearts. They’re curious. They’re humans.… Read More »Incorporate Storytelling for Killer Content Marketing