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Incorporate Storytelling for Killer Content Marketing

    Which is a more interesting form of website content? “We help businesses with their accounting.” “We helped 1,275 businesses generate 20% more profit using a tactic that our founder learned while running another business.” Storytelling is a critical component in any marketing strategy, whether it’s for B2B, B2C, or eCommerce. Here’s why: A B2B is run by people. As cheesy as it sounds, they have hearts. They’re curious. They’re humans.… Read More »Incorporate Storytelling for Killer Content Marketing

    6 Content Marketing Mistakes

      Over 40% of a business’ revenue can be captured through organic traffic. Many small businesses are spending up to $5,000 per month on SEO. If you’re not creating content that brings in your target audience and convinces them to stick around, you have a problem. With 55% of businesses planning to increase their marketing budget in 2019, competition for your audience’s attention and loyalty is harder than ever. You have… Read More »6 Content Marketing Mistakes

      9 Tips for Creating Top-Notch Content

        Good copywriting is an investment. You’re spending money and time making content. You want a return on that in the form of improving brand awareness, improved lead acquisition, and high quality conversions. That’s why it’s important to understand the performance of each published copy: its reach and the engagement, in particular. For example: How many visitors did it get? And how many visitors went on to visit other areas of… Read More »9 Tips for Creating Top-Notch Content

        Growing Your Social Media Channel Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

          Although I’ve been in this industry awhile, I still have to remind myself of this. It’s frustrating to refresh, and see the total hearts, likes, faves, whatever tick up at an insanely slow rate. Doubly so when I hear about all those seemingly overnight successes. How unfair that they get all these likes, hearts and faves when I’ve worked so hard! Going viral is a lightning in a bottle deal.… Read More »Growing Your Social Media Channel Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

          Five Elements to Look for in Great Content Writing

            Writing is a skill that most people have. But professional writing isn’t a skill that everyone have. Forgive me for this overused cliche: It’s a craft; it’s an art. And a dash of science, too. Like any other skill, it takes practice to hone one’s writing. Not everyone has the time nor inclination to work at it. Unfortunately, writing is an increasingly undervalued skill (a topic for another time). When… Read More »Five Elements to Look for in Great Content Writing

            Six Myths of Content Marketing

              As businesses increasingly go online to reach their customers, it’s increasingly important for you to be able to compete with them in a digital space.

              Shouting into the Void (Blogging)

                With a little time and patience and some marketing, you’ll be writing to your own established audience, rather than shouting into the void.

                What an Editorial Calendar Does for You

                  When you work with editors and writers, one of the industry jargon you’ll run into is “editorial calendar.” Boiled down, it’s a schedule. Nothing too fancy about that, right? If you write your own blog, you probably stick to a certain topic, and post on a certain time/day of week. That’s your editorial calendar, simplified. But there’s an art in creating and maintaining an editorial calendar. A big part of… Read More »What an Editorial Calendar Does for You