What’s it gonna cost?

We all want to know what we’re spending, right?

I base my freelance writing quotes on a per-project basis.

You’re paying for the value of my writing (and the ROI the finished product will deliver), rather than the time it took me to create it. Since I’m not your employee, my rates also include the added benefits of:

  • Not having me on your payroll system
  • Not having other overheads of employing me in your office
  • Not providing me with employee benefits (like pensions, holidays and insurance)
  • Quick turnaround times

I’m an investment, not an expense.

If you send me what you’re looking for via email, I’ll give you a custom quote within 24 hours.

Let’s get crackin’

Got a question about my process, want a custom quote, or fancy launching a new project? Email me—not someone on “my team”—by shooting a message to: jennifer@jennifercarrigan.com.