Six Myths of Content Marketing

As businesses increasingly go online to reach their customers, it’s increasingly important for you to be able to compete with them in a digital space. Let’s clear up a few misconceptions about content marketing:

  1. I’m too niche to benefit.” All businesses can benefit from content marketing. It helps you reach new customers that you might not have otherwise. It helps you keep in mind of your current customers, so that they don’t forget you’re out there.
  2. Content marketing is free. Good content marketing covers social media, e-newsletters, copy for print and digital promotions, and more. In some case, you’ll need to make accompanying graphics for these content. Doing all that takes time that you don’t have. A good content marketer will manage all that for you, freeing your up your attention to devote to running your business. Your time is valuable.
  3. People don’t read anymore. (This one gets circulated quite a bit, which strikes me as absurd). People are most definitely reading. Anytime they have a question, they go online to look up answers instead of Encyclopedia Brittanica. Establish yourself as an expert in your industry or niche, and people seeking related answers will find you.
  4. I’ll get overnight results.” It can take weeks, if not months, to see results. It’s a long-term game. The so-called viral videos and posts are the equivalent of a lightning strike.
  5. Content is king. That’s not entirely wrong — making great content is critical. It’s one of the top five factors I consider when planning content strategy. But posting blog entries and articles and sitting back to wait for them to come doesn’t work. The content needs to be promoted, backlinked, and shared. If I write a book and don’t share it with people or shop it around to agents and publishers, will anyone read it? No.
  6. SEO keywording is/isn’t important. Keywords are important because they help bring traffic to your site. But if you overdo it with keywords, search engines will penalize your site. Moderation is key.

Have you heard a content marketing myth that needs clearing up? Do you have a question about content marketing?

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